Bair Photo Album - Mary Ruth Hughes Bair

Hughes, Mary Ruth - from wedding pic

Hughes, Mary Ruth - with friend - ca 1912

Hughes, Mary Ruth - with bouquet ca 1915

Hughes, Mary Ruth - valentine

Hughes, Mary Ruth w children in Ca - WWI ca 1918.jpg

Hughes, Mary Ruth and Charles - ca 1920

Hughes, Mary Ruth - ca 1920

Mary Ruth (Hughes) Bair and possibly Mary Bailey - ca 1920

Possibly Mary (Bair) Bailey - seated with cat - ca age 60.

Regarding the last two pictures, we are not certain who the older woman is. At first I thought this might be Mary Ruth Hughes' mother (Martha Bella (Nichols) Hughes), but I believe that she died around 1910 - though I do not yet have proof of that. I believe that these photos were probably taken somewhere around 1920, so she would would have been deceased by then. I currently think that the woman in the two photos is Mary (Bair) Bailey, who was the aunt who raised Kenneth Bair and also James Bair after Mary Ruth (Hughes) Bair died. These photos came from Kate Bailey's photo album, and Mary Bailey is Kate's mother. There is no indication on the photos who this person is, so we may never know for sure.