Genealogy of the d'Onofrio/Donofrio Families
descended from Vincenzo d'Onofrio, b. approximately 1760
San Potito Ultra, Campania Province, Kingdom of the Two Sicilies, Italy

The History of the descendents of Vincenzo d'Onofrio, and related families

These pages were developed by Jeff Donofrio, containing information that I have collected over the last 20 years on the family history of the d'Onofrio family from San Potito Ultra, Italy.
Family Charts

Family Photos
Family Documents
Meanings of the Family Names
Emmigration, Immigration, and Ships
Areas and Regions of historical interest
Information on the History and Royalty of the Two Sicilies
Religion & Churches
Italian Language
DNA & Genetics

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Wars that may have involved ancestors:

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